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  SoAZBR is a charitable, non-profit, all-volunteer ORganization dedicated to:

·         Beagle and beagle-mix dog rescue,

·         Education on the breed and general animal welfare.                    

·         Training and referral services

·         Help for families who need to re-home their dog

·         Serving southern Arizona, including Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz & Pinal counties.




(1) To rescue and re-home adoptable shelter beagles that would otherwise be euthanized.

(2) To offer beagle owners an educational resource on the care and love of their beagle.

(3) To assist dog owners that can no longer keep their beagle.

(4) To provide beagles and the people who love them a fun, local community.

(5) To educate the public on the responsibilities of pet ownership and the importance
      of spaying and neutering one’s pets.

(6) To support and promote other animal rescue organizations.


HIGHLIGHTS –                                                                       

·         SoAZBR actively supports spay/neuter programs,

·         Advocate responsible dog ownership and partners with animal rescues across
      the country to assist in finding good homes for needy animals.

·         SoAZBR does not have a shelter facility and has no paid staff. All work is done
      by our wonderful volunteers.

·         The dogs we rescue are fostered in the loving homes of our dedicated
      volunteers until a suitable home can be found. For information on fostering, read this article.

·         All dogs placed by SoAZBR are sprayed or neutered prior to placement.



SoAZBR is active in the Tucson Community and throughout the area working to support and promote animal rescue endeavors. 

Below are links to some recent articles -

  • What is SOUTHERN AZ BEAGLE RESCUE (SOAZBR)?  A BEAGLE and beagle-mix rescue!  Is there a need for a BEAGLE rescue? SOAZBR was formed in 2005 and we've successfully placed hundreds of beagles and beagle mixes for adoption.  For more beagle information, click here . . .
  • Beagles Make Great Pets Why would anyone want to adopt a beagle?  With those floppy ears, soft puppy dog eyes, and perpetually wagging tail, who wouldn’t?  Click here to read the whole article.
  • Adopting a Beagle  Thinking of adopting a cute, cuddly, floppy-eared, wiggly-tailed beagle?  The Adoption process with the Souther Arizona Beagle Rescue (SoAZBR) is much like other animal rescue groups.  Click here to read more . . .
  • Why Foster a Beagle?  The Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue (SoAZBR) needs foster homes for our rescued dogs.  All rescue groups need fosters.  It’s just a fact of life for rescues.  Why would anyone foster a rescued Beagle?  A volunteer for SoAZBR created a great “Ten Reasons to Foster a Beagle” ala David Letterman.  They are:  Click here to read more. . .   
  • Lulu's Journey  After being an active volunteer with Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue (SoAZBR) for over a year the time had come to foster a beagle.  But with four dogs and two cats of my own, what kind of dog would fit in?  A visit to the home of a SoAZBR foster answered this important question.  Click here to read more . . .


SoAZBR donation fees range from $50 to $250 for each dog, depending on that dog's age  
and special circumstances. The adoption fees shown are for adoptions that take place within our service area: Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz & Pinal Counties.  Adoptions taking place out of our service area may incur additional fees.  All proceeds are used to offset spay/neuter fees, immunizations and any other medical treatments the dog may require. However adoption fees  
don't normally cover the cost of to get a dog ready for adoption. 

                          To Donate to SoAZBR through PayPal Click Here


                        Or e-mail Support@soazbeaglerescue.com

·         See our Adoption page to learn how to adopt a beagle

·         Check out our Volunteer page to learn how you help needy animals.

·         Check back often to see our Adoptable Dogs; the list changes daily.

Our Volunteers are the Heart of SoAZBR

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