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Happy Tails

Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue

We Place Hundreds of Homeless Dogs
Into Loving Homes

To see tributes to dogs who have passed over Rainbow Bridge, click here.


Below are some of our "Happy Tails" for homeless dogs that were rescued and now have loving "forever homes".

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SoAZBR Loves to Get Letters from
Happy Forever Homes

Lady and Juliet

Juliet and Lady were adopted together by a family who knew how to bring out the best in them:  Everyone is settling in. They love going for walks a couple times a day.   We took them to Rillito River Park a couple of times, and they both did great. Juliet loves Jim and JJ.  She sleeps next to them on the couch or the bed.   Lady loves playing with a couple of squeaky toys.   She perches on my chair; sleeps on the bed; or, under the covers. We love them both.  They’ve made our home complete.

Ellie / Amber

Ellie, previously Amber has been adopted by a wonderful new Dad.


Jasmine & Klara

Thanks to an Edge High School student, Jasmine was found in an alley at 2 mos. old and turned in to our rescue.  Although Shiloh was not right for an inquiring adopter, she fell in love with Jasmine and could not wait to adopt her.

Klara fostered Jazz until she got all her puppy shots and on spay day the final adoption was done.

Jasmine is truly a success story going from an alley at 2 mos. old to a wonderful home 3 mos. later.  Jasmine is lucky to have Klara as her dog mom.

Trigger Now Inspector Wrigley

Inspector Wrigley has become a wonderful addition to our family. He gets along very well with our other Cattle Dog Annie and our cat Mia. It’s inspector Wrigley because taking him for his daily one mile walk takes quite a long time as his hound genes contribute to him smelling EVERYTHING. 




Sugar Bear and Berry

From Sugar Bear's new mom - "Sugar Bear (now Rosie) loves her walks and is steadily improving on basic commands. She and Appy (former SoAZBR dog - Barry) are becoming quite good friends and like to run around the yard together in the mornings.  We're so happy they've joined our family!"



Rascal (Lisa) has been here about 4 months now.  Rascal comes out of her shell more every day.  Felt something slapping my leg and saw that it was her tail!  Anyhow, she has the tail up a lot more and wags it quite a bit now. 


I wanted to give An update on chief. He is happy and well. He loves his brothers, especially his beagle brother, Simcha.  He loves to snuggle in bed.


"Drexel is doing really good here. We are considering adopting him.  Can we have a couple more days to decide?   He's getting along really well with our dog we would just like to leave them alone a little longer to see how they do.   Let me know if this is ok". Kristen
SEVERAL DAYS LATER . . . Drexel doing great our dog Sammy takes care of him!  We sent you back the (adoption) application. Kristen


Your group is awesome.  My dog is having a little bit of adjustment as Frankie wants the couch, but I do have a matching love seat so since there are two, they should be happy. All the way home on Saturday, he slept in the back seat.  He is an awesome beagle dog.


Spot is such a sweet boy.  When we officially adopted him he was beyond shy, he was terrified.  He has bonded with our dog Kayla and has really begun building his trust with my husband and I.  He absolutely loves his daily walks and runs over to the door when he hears you get the leash.  He will continue to get all the love and patience he needs.  Here is a picture of Spot after a long walk and a full belly all curled up in his bed.   We just love him. 

  Spot required a very special family who would work with him so he could be happy and healthy - it sure looks like he found his perfect forever home. 


Louie found the perfect forever home.


Sunny is amazing. She's copying the behavior of our other two dogs. She loves playing in the water in the wash and she'll play with our other two dogs when they're in a good mood, feeling playful and tolerant.  So it's all good. She is such a nice addition to the pack.




Rocky has found a great Forever Home with a new family that loves him sooooooo much!


                           Alex's Mom Lina writes:               
      Quick Side by Side of Alex now Max.          He's grown so much!

Alex and New Friend Lucky are Now Best Buddies


Happy Tails for Barnaby


Barnaby is doing really great.  He is an exceptional dog in every way. Guy, who was a bit reticent about adopting another dog said that Barnaby was never going to be allowed to sleep in our bed... well, guess who's been putting Barnaby in bed with us now? Yep! You guessed it... Guy just cannot resist that sweet beagle face.  We feel so lucky to have him in our family


Lexie (now Riley) and Her New Brother




Lexie/Riley is doing great. She knows sit, stay, lay down and drops the ball at our feet while playing fetch. She has a spunky personality and wears off her energy chasing lizards in the backyard.

She is also doing so well with our other dog Tucker. If they are not running around the house together they are snuggled up. 

In the puppy pool her favorite thing to do is to put her head under water and blow bubbles.  The pictures are too cute not to share   :)



Pinto now Baxter

Baxter, now Pinto, is adjusting really well to his new home. He is also losing some weight! We put him on a grain free diet which seems to be putting him in a better more playful mood One cute/sad thing he does is cry when I go to school until my sister cuddles with him. He's very quiet. Our family has never heard him bark/howl.  He's adjusting well and becoming more playful & loving.Our whole family loves the little guy!


Hoover now Buddy

Hoover (now being called Buddy) has been adopted.  His new mom Rebecca is so happy with him.  Her cat "Pumpkin" is starting to warm up to him.  Buddy loves to take walks and go exploring and is on a good healthy diet to help him lose weight.


Willie aka Wilbur

 "Wilbur (Willie) has improved significantly. His mobility and coordination are much better with his twice daily walks. It is a pleasure to watch him confidently hold his head and tail up high. He wags his tail quite often now and makes real eye contact. He LOVES walks, food, and attention! We LOVE him too! Honestly, we feel like we have won the lottery with this rescue dog."

One year later…Wilbur is still AWESOME!  Thank you for rescuing our little sweetie. Sincerely,The Leo Family




I am thrilled to have had the chance to meet Sammy's new family today. Adoption is final and it's a really great match. He's still a little camera shy, but agreed to a quick snap shot. Yeah for Sammy!
This guy is very, very loved.   



Here's a photo of Sofia and Buttercup snuggling. It's true love. :o)


Bailey -  We adopted Bailey back in May from SoAZBR! He is such a sweetheart! He's so gentle and loving and has settled in nicely with our other two beagles, Marcy and Maggie! This picture is of an everyday occurrence in our house!  We love him!" I love that they celebrate their pack's incredible "beagleness" and shared it with us.


Bonnie and Sabel are now Best Friends Forever.


Things are going great! She fits in perfectly and everyone is getting along well. Lucy and her will be best friends in no time. I honestly love her so much it melts my heart. She's such a good dog. We've decided to rename her Hazel and she doesn't mind :) 


Our dog Willie and Ruthie are getting along just fine.  Ruthie has settled in; every chair and couch is hers so she thinks.  She has discovered how to open the pantry door and on two occasions helped herself to snacks and a small amount of dry dog food.  I have had to move it all up.  Thursday evening we left for four hours and she was so glad to see us when we returned she just went nuts, running back and forth thru the family room, barking (baying).  It was so funny; she would run back and forth and fall flat on the floor, get up and do it again.  She and Willie get along fine when we are gone; they have had the run of most of the house and the back/side yard via the dog door. I do think it’s going to prove to be a great match.  We already love her. 


Thank you so much for helping us get Mylee. She is an absolute doll and so well mannered. This is a picture of her with her new friend, Kenda. She has brought so much joy to our lives. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do for these special animals.


 Barnaby is doing really well! I was a little worried about leaving him with my friend for a week but he was a perfect house guest.  My friend said that he was no trouble at all, and that he is very smart (of course! He's a beagle!).  Our daughter made fast friends with him, and she loves to give him hugs and kisses.  He and one of our older cats, Henry, are starting to become friendly.  He is also "putting up with" the new kitten, Oskar.  He's probably more afraid of Oskar than the other way around! Anyway, we love him so much and he is the perfect addition to our family. He is still doing great - really settling in with his new mom & dad, and all of his siblings, human and feline alike. He is a very good boy, and he is so smart! One of the best dogs we've ever loved. 

By the way, we affectionately call Barnaby "The Barnabeagle". He is a great little dog! 

Nellie & Jasmin

Nellie and Jasmin are two pups who came to the SoAZBR and found their forever home with a family who is just thrilled with them.




We want to give you a 5-month update on our girl Callie. After spending her first 3 days here hiding under the kitchen table, ans ignoring her big brother Chester, she has progressed to being a loving and trusting member of our pack.
She starts each day by patiently waiting by the side of our bed until she detects some sign of life, then she bounds up to greet us with kisses and invitations to play wrestle. The days are spent shadowing Mom and romping with Chester and of course she keeps a sharp eye out the front window for danger and alerts us. Yes there are more false alarms than we care for, we know that she feels that she truly belongs here.
We are honored to be given her trust and cherish her as a member of our family.


Barry - Apollonius

   We wanted to say thank you for helping us find Apollonius (Barry)! He loves his walks now and he's tolerating being left alone for short periods of time. One of our friends who hadn't seen him in a few weeks commented today on how much more outgoing and friendly he is.    Georgia



This is why we rescue. This lemon beagle pup (from PACC) was seen in our cross post. A couple from Prescott saw her and wanted us to pull and adopt to them. A sight-unseen adoption like this is always risky, but all of the pieces fell into place. A friend of our rescue local to Prescott stepped up to do the home visit. Awesome foster mom Lauren stepped up to foster Emma for a week, even though she doesn't like to foster puppies, another awesome volunteer met the new parents in Phoenix, and now a pound puppy is living happily ever after with new parents and a new beagle brother whom she adores. Keep calm, and rescue on!

From Buddy’s Adoptive Home

 Tuesday night, I received a call to foster a 7-8 week old puppy for a few days.

 You may remember that we've had some food aggression issues with our adopted Buddy and that he has trouble sharing people and attention.  I was concerned about how Buddy would respond to a puppy but figured I could keep them separate for a few days if I had to.

 Quite the opposite happened; Buddy doted on that puppy for the 2 1/2 days she was here. He followed her and protected her from the other dogs – not that she needed it. Whenever either of my girls got close, he grumbled or growled at them to leave the pup alone. 

So for two days, our food-grouch became "Momma buddy".  LOL

The Daughter in Boots' Forever Home Created this
Great Collage




This little girl is such a sweetheart. She is my little shadow, following me everywhere, even into the bathroom.  She greets me with kisses and wagging bottom each morning.  She is still a bit shy around my husband but comes around a bit more each day. I have attached a picture of her perched on our bed "helping" me fold laundry.



Bella knows where the "ladies' room" is now, and now she understands 'come'.  She is great on the
leash, fine riding in the car, allows me to brush her teeth, and is meeting my human and canine friends with no problem.  I am very happy with this dog!



Here are a few pics of Buddy, and our 11 year old Husky, Zima. As you can see, Buddy completes our pack! :-)





Lola is in a wonderful home where she has the best of everything she needs:  a mom that adores her, a big yard that she's already running and playing in, a view from the front door of the "cared for stray cats" when they are on the front porch, her favorite toys, the promise of occasional pancakes for breakfast that she enjoys, and the "people bed" to sleep in if she chooses to. We look forward to seeing her at our upcoming Playdates at the park.  Thank you Lana for giving Lola the forever home she deserves, and for your generous donation.



From Emmy's New Family
Hi - Just wanted to let you know Emmy is coming along great, When she got home the girls accepted her fairly well. Emmy has a few issues but they are mellowing at a great pace.  (My beagle) Sally has taken the role of babbysitter . I can't express the Joy I felt when on day four (I have Beaglecams) she just climbed into bed with Sally (an AZBR Alumni ). I have been walking them twice daily. She is walking well right between Sally and Grace.. They seem to Bond on the walks. 
Thank You for this opportunity to add such a Sweetheart to our Family.



From the SoAZBR volunteer who took Georgia to her new home:  While Mom signed the adoption contract, 8 year old daughter handed me a baggie of money as a donation to the rescue.  Mom says that she gets $3 a week as allowance - $1 for herself, $1 to save and $1 for her to give to others who need it.  What an awesome Happy Ending!





This is Sassy today - she was very overweight and could hardly walk when she came into the rescue.  Today she is happy & healthy living with her forever family and her brother Captain.

The Four Pups who came to our Rescue in September have all found great forever homes.  They grow so fast!  This is Schroeder at 3 weeks old and again at 13 weeks!



ARCHIE's adopted mom writes: 
Just wanted to say, again, thanks for all you do. Archie, the bagelhound celebrated what we're calling his 10th birthday (since we're not 100% sure.) He's been quite the trooper and has charmed the staff at the Veterinary Specialty Center. I'm so glad you were there to help give him a second chance. He is very loved and teaches our family new things all the time. We'll send another gift your way to help more beagles find forever homes! lotsa love from, Keri and Archie


Maggie is doing better every day. 

No problems in bed at night... she knows exactly where her "place" is ... George lines them up like little soldiers in-between us on the bed & covers each.  It's really cute.  She loves having a blanket! 

Grandpa Glen and his granddaughter came out to meet George as they were walking by, and the little girl ran right up to the dogs - she threw her arms around Maggie's neck & hugged her and then the other 2. Maggie's tail never stopped wagging. 



WOODY was one of our Phat for Fall beaglies - he found a wonderful home!  


A Note to Woody's Foster Mom: I wish you could have been here this morning for Woodys adoption. When I arrived at the family's front door there was a hand made sign saying, "welcome woody to your new home!"   The boy took a tennis ball which excited Woody very much. The boy and his new best friend ran out to the back yard to play ball. It almost brought a tear to my eye to see how happy they were.  Thanks for taking such good care of him so he could find his forever home!

                                 Miss Molly

Good Golly Miss Molly - Miss Molly
was another of our Phat for Fall pets who was adopted in September.  Her new best friend says:  She's doing well on walks,and absolutely fine overnight.  A walk and dinner, and I think she's figuring it out!  She just made her debut at the Meet Me at Maynards after run social hour.  She was a big hit!


HERCULES has a Heart of Gold.  Here is what his new family has to say.


Hercules is doing great.  He is so sweet. He has settled into his new home and greets us happily when we get home in the afternoon.  He has taken to dunking his belly into the pool for his cool-off period.    He is loved, petted, brushed, walked and reminded he is part of our family.  He is doing just great.  Thank you, for allowing us have him join our family, he has made us all happy. 

When NICK first came to SoAZBR he was pretty shy and liked to stay away from too much activity, but after a lot of reassuring and nurturing, he has blossomed into a loving, happy and well adjust pet.  Nick was recently adopted and has found a great forever home.



BOOGE came to SoAZBR in need of a forever home.  The family who adopted him sent us this note:  "Thank you guys for all your help with our newest member of the family "Booge" who is now Dermot. he is an amazing little guy and a wonderful addition to our family. We promise to forever give him a happy secure and loving life. :)"





This is Simon in his new home. He is loved by his new Mon and Dad as well as the two kittens. His new mom writes: "Had to share a picture of our boy... we gave him a bath at home instead of at the groomer... he was a bit indifferent about it, but who knew he was a curly dog! :)"



To see a wonderful tribute to Cruiser, Click Here

Louie, a sweet SoAZBR alum who will be greatly missed


Herman was a beagle from a pet store even though he had a bunch of puppy mill issues he was a sweet guy.  He had never seen a dog door until October 2013 and he was so afraid of it that he would not go through the flap--no matter how I modified it to make it less scary for him.

I finally just gave up and bungee-corded it open and hung a pillow case over the door.  The house was drafty but Herman was happier!

Herman lost him main person, Marilyn Lane, in October 2013.  Marilyn doted on his every move.  Herm had lived in 4 different places; three with Marilyn and one with me.   He was by nature timid, but when there was something he really wanted, he would push and push until he got it. This usually involved my plate of food!

When he came to my house I could tell that he thought my house was chaotic. It is, but he learned to adjust.  He became more and more courageous and even when he was in his final sickness he made a real effort to get to the doggie door (now his friend!) when he needed to.  
He was a trouper and sweetie to the end



We adopted sweet, tubby Abigail from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in 2002.  She was surrendered by her family as too fat, played too rough, and ran away.  Her gentle loving ways quickly won our hearts.  I have no idea where her previous family got their ideas.  She was slightly fluffy, but we got that under control in time.  She loved chasing rabbits, never caught one and always returned to us for some lovin’

Even though she was an obedience school failure, she was, for us, the perfect dog.  While she no doubt would’ve preferred to be an only dog, she adjusted to numerous foster dogs and three additional permanent members to our pack

We learned early on that she had an enlarged heart.  No surprise to us—we knew what a love-bug she was.  At age 14 plus she succumbed to congestive heart failure.  She left us much too soon, but will live forever in our hearts.  We know she’s chasing bunnies and getting belly rubs in a far better place.  

Carol Meyer and Tom McClure



 Kumi is a Japanese name meaning beautiful and she certainly was a beautiful spirit.  She exhibited the sweet disposition so typical of an older beagle. Kumi needed lots of love and special care - she must have felt she hit the jackpot when she was adopted by a very generous woman who gave Kumi a wonderful life until she traveled over Rainbow Bridge in the summer of 2013.

In Memorium - Freckles

Freckles, a graying, ten year old beagle, came to our house after she demonstrated a fondness for tipping over her previous foster mom’s turtle.  She had been named Freckles, I guess, because of her spotted belly, which she loved to have rubbed. Everyone who met her loved her and she loved them back.  She never forgot those who had been kind to her.  She was adopted by a wonderful couple, who found they couldn’t keep her due to the cost of her medical care.  Specialty vets determined she had an untreatable urinary tract cancer.

 She came back to our house and lived, loved, and played with our pack for almost one more year.  At that point the pain was just too much to bear and we said good-by to this sweet, loving girl 

Freckles loved walks, carrots, and Starbucks mocha Frappuccinos. It was an honor to give her a loving home for her final days.  We still miss her.


THIMBLE was a very sweet beagle who came to SoAZBR with an inoperable brain tumor.  We decided to place her in a loving home so she could live out her last months with a caring, nurturing family.  When she passed over Rainbow Bridge her foster Mom sent this note:  "Thimble wanted us to donate her belongings to help the rescue that kindly took her in and gave her a happy last few months of life.  When I took her to the vet for the last time she knew I was there with her and she nuggled up in my arms giving me a great tongue washing before she peacefully went to sleep.  For the short time she was with us, we miss her very much.  I miss playing with her ears as she rode shotgun in the car and holding her close as she wraped herself against me and her excitement at walking to the barn.  We miss her warm welcome when we came home or got up in the mornings and her tiny hound dog howl when she thought she was alone.  Thank you for the pleasure of fostering this tiny jewel."



A very sad day today we took our Beagle dog Maxie to the vet. Was told she had Breast Tumors and was Cancer. It was caused from having too many puppies. We adopted her 8 years ago after she was in a puppy mill. After she could not have any more puppies her former owner just dropped her off at the county pound in Tucson AZ where we used to live and we adopted her from Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue. She did not have a mean bone in her 22 lb body and was the best puppy we ever had. She passed in our arms today. And we buried her here in the yard she loved so much. Will see you again Maxie girl. R I P"



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